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Welcome to SDC

Come on into our house and find out who we are at Structural Design Corporation, what we do, and how we can help you!   

If you are a homeowner or home buyer we can help you with these questions:

  • Why does the floor sag? 

  • Is the crack in the basement wall due to normal settlement or is it a sign of some bigger problem?

  • Can I remove a wall to expand the kitchen?

If you are an Architect, Contractor, or Building Official we can provide assistance in:

  • Designing the structural elements of a new or remodeled house.

  • Providing certified sketches for structural modifications to an existing home.

  • Determining if a house is safe for occupancy after sustaining fire, wind, or other structural damage.

If you work for an industrial corporation we can help you: 

  • Manage your Maintenance Reliability and Asset Program using our Structural Inspection and Maintenance System (SIMMS).

  • Inspect and repair EOT Cranes and EOT Crane Runways.

  • Design New Fatigue Resistant Crane Girders

  • Visit our new website to learn about crane runway upgrade/repair and crane girder design at


What do Structural Engineers do?

We are the people behind the scene who deal with the stress and strain of your house or other structure.  We work with steel, concrete, wood, and masonry.  We make sure that your house can stand up to mother nature whether it be snow, wind, or earthquake.

Unlike the Architect who uses creativity to design your living space, we use our computers to make mathematical models of the basic framing.

The models are then used to determine the loads and stresses on each member. The stresses are subsequently checked to determine if they are allowed by the various design codes.