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Engineering 101 Home Quiz

  1. What is the normal frost depth in the Chicago area?
    a.  12 inches
    b.  24 inches
    c.  42 inches
    d.  6 Feet Under
  2. Your foundation should be built on what type of soil?
    a.  black dirt
    b.  undisturbed clay
    c.  uncompacted fill
    d.  peat
  3. What type of w./all can you remove without affect the integrity of the structure?
    a.  partition wall
    b.  load bearing wall
    c.  shear wall
    d.  foundation wall
  4. How stiff or rigid should you floor be if your remodeling plan includes installation of Italian marble floors?
    a.  L/480
    b.  L360
    c.  L/240
    d.  L/180
  5. Which of the following is not a type of roof design?
    a.  hip
    b.  gable
    c.  shed
    d.  dog house

Special Question:  Most people want to know the answer to one basic question, will my house fall down?  The answer is probably not.  However, we have seen some foundations that were expensive to repair.

SDC would be happy to try and answer your question.  Just email us at  Attach any digital photographs and we will get back to you!  

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